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Construction Tent Rentals

Construction Tent EnclosureTotal Tent Solutions provides construction tent rentals for your site requirements. From weather protection to equipment storage and security, we will work with you on your temporary structure needs and discuss how Total Tent Solutions can help.

Our services begin with a site evaluation followed by a specific design solution to meet your construction project needs. We use our large and versatile inventory of construction tent enclosures to provide a short or long-term solution that fits your project’s needs and help you to achieve your project timeline within your budget.  Our temporary structures help manage your costs in several ways:  by protecting the site and allowing work to continue that would normally be subject to weather delays; by putting crew infrastructure closer to the point of work and minimizing travel time; or by locating critical support resources in optimal locations.  The result is a construction tent that is portable, durable and cost effective.

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Weather Protection with Temporary Construction Tents

Weather resistant construction tentConstruction tents allow a site to be covered so your crew can work through adverse weather conditions. Our engineered fabric structures allow work to continue regardless of conditions that would otherwise bring production to a halt. We offer climate control packages to manage interior climatic conditions to improve crew productivity or to control climate for material specifications.

Benefits of weather protection with a temporary construction tent rental:

  • Avoid weather delays
  • Increase covered storage space
  • Control interior ambient climate conditions
  • Protect construction site
  • Protect equipment
  • Protect and improve work crew environments

Construction Tent Add-Ons

Efficiency, safety and productivity are increased by employing our available add on features. These include:

  • Power
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Single and double doors in glass or metal
  • Garage roll-up doors
  • Tables and chairs
  • Flooring and understructure
  • Carpet and turf
  • Security

Construction Tent Applications

Construction tents can be used for a variety of construction purposes such as:

  • Concrete pours
  • Plumbing installations
  • Masonry jobs
  • Excavation sites
  • Large equipment
  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • Renovations
  • Lunch rooms
  • Break areas
  • Warehouse space
  • Site preparation
  • Site infrastructure work
  • Environmental service protection
  • Remediation work
  • Tank services
  • Decontamination work
  • Small tool/consumable storage and control

Construction Site Security

Total Tent Solutions in partnership with ARX Perimeters can provide high security fence systems and mobile vehicle barrier systems at your construction site.  Security has become an increasing concern and the team at TTS will provide a plan to protect the high value assets at your site during construction.  Security equipment includes: 

  • Pitagone anti-ram vehicle barriers
  • Mobile vehicle barriers
  • High security fencing
  • Rosehill security products
  • Portable bollards
  • Mobile gate security
  • ARX guard towers
  • Pedestrian barriers

For additional information please visit the ARX webpage or contact us here.

Construction Image3Working with Total Tent Solutions

At Total Tent Solutions we can customize your temporary structure to multiple widths and lengths. Construction tents can be installed on site once project specifications are finalized.

Our installation teams are led by seasoned professionals who are experienced in understanding the unique needs and requirements for temporary shelter at a construction site. We recognize the value of customer service and response when time means money.

Construction Tent Rental/Leasing Features:

  • Certified safe engineered structures
  • Engineered blast rated structures
  • Engineered wind ratings to 95 mph
  • Safety certified crews
  • Company TRIR of zero for over 10 consecutive years
  • Certified crane, forklift and lift operators
  • Tents erected and anchored on any surface type
  • Climate controlled solutions for employee safe work conditions
  • Tents can be expanded as the job progresses
  • Movable to alternate site locations
  • Turnkey solutions with power, light, HVAC and fire safety packages along with custom interior gable dividers if required
  • Environmental response teams in case of a major weather event affecting your site
  • All structures capable of shelter, warehouse and fabrication use

Safety Certifications and Affiliations: TTS, OSHA EMR, ISTC, HASC, TWIC, DISA, CSC, IFAI, CRA, TRA, ARA, SAM, ACIT, TCC, LCIA, IFAI, Alliance Safety Council

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