• Does your company have a good safety record?

    Our company has zero accidents for over seven years with excellent TRIR and EMR history. Total Tent Solutions will meet or exceed your safety qualifications to make sure you have a safe and successful project.

  • Does Total Tent Solutions sell or rent tents?

    Yes, Total Tent Solutions offer many options: rentals for events and projects, tent sales, long term rentals for extended projects and even in some cases lease to own projects.

  • Where is the Total Tent Solutions warehouse located for service after the sale or rental?

    Our warehouse is centrally located in Houston, Texas. Convenient to the Gulf coast and Gulf South area.

  • Are your crews actually employees of the company?

    Due to safety and the requirements commonly experienced by the industry Total Tent Solutions only uses trained employees of the company and not contractors. We believe in hiring the right people for the right job and to be the true professionals in the business.

  • What are the sizes of your tents?

    Our tents come in many different sizes: Total Tent Solutions has a large inventory that ranges from as small as 10’ wide tents to over 100’ wide structures.

  • How long does it take to build a structure?

    Depending on the safety environment and access to the site a Total Tent Solutions crew can average approximately 10,000 square feet per day.

  • How do I decide what tent or structure I need?

    At Total Tent Solutions, we make it easy for our clients, just give us a call and would be happy to send out of our experts and evaluate your project, make a professional recommendation and present you with a quote and job estimate for you project. We got you covered.

  • What is the highest point / peak of the tent?

    The highest point inside the tent is called the ‘Ridge’ and this height will depend on the leg height and the width of the tent…if a specific tent height is needed inside the structure Total Tent Solutions can help.

  • How tall are the legs?

    Our standard tents have 10’ to 16’ leg heights but we do offer taller legs when required.

  • Are your tents rated for wind loads and snow loads?

    Yes, our tents carry the same engineering for wind loads and snow loads as others brands of structures which are made standard in our industry. Total Tent Solutions also offer additional options when the weather turns more difficult.

  • Can we get a Fork Lift inside?

    Yes, many of our tents are used for temporary warehousing or construction and allow the use of forklifts and other equipment inside the structure.

  • What else can you provide besides the tent?

    Total Tent Solutions offer many other accessories besides just the tent: HVAC, power distribution, lights, doors, flooring, tables, chairs, safety trailers, and more.