Temporary Petrochemical Structures - Temporary Petrochemical Tents

Total Tent Solutions Provides Support in the Petrochemical and Refining Environment Across the Gulf Coast

Why should TTS be your partner in a Petrochemical Plant?

We possess: temporary petrochemical structures and tents, training, experience, certified TWIC approved project management and installer. Total Tent Solutions' employees are always in full PPE and meet the highest safety and quality standard in the industry. We work with your on-site supervisors to see that all plant-specific guidelines are followed. Each of our employees has stop-work authority should it ever be required.

Total Tent Solutions Provides Quality

Temporary petrochemical tents installed by experienced crews capable of withstanding 75 MPH sustained winds and 95 MPH wind gusts. Every component is inspected by employees before it ever gets loaded on a truck to go to your location. Once there, all components are inspected again on site by the project manager and installation team. Every seam, beam, and door are inspected and installed according to strict company and industry standards. Quality reduces costs and improves schedules.

  • Plant turnarounds
  • Refinery shutdowns
  • On-site meeting space
  • Multi-use structures for warehouse, fabrication, and personnel
  • Climate controlled break areas
  • Lunch areas
  • Cool down for safety and work efficiency
  • Shelter for weather delays
  • Safe structures with proximity to project for labor savings
  • Weather event response team for your structure when you need them

Safety Certifications & Affiliations: TTS, OSHA EMR, ISTC, HASC, TWIC, DISA, CSC, IFAI, CRA, TRA, ARA, SAM, ACIT, TCC, LCIA, IFAI, Alliance Safety Council

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