Military Shelter Tents - Industrial Military Tents

Total Tent Solutions is proud to be a provider of industrial military tent structures for our military & government forces. When training exercises are needed, base camps, command centers, and warehouse type structures are in demand. In these instances, the Total Tents Solutions team will be front and center to get the job done with military shelter tents .

Total Tent Solutions headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. This allows us to be centrally located and provide our services and products to areas throughout the United States.

We warehouse many different size military shelter tent structures to create full and inclusive base camps which include sleeping quarters, dining structures, officer quarters, training facilities, shower facilities and even large warehouse structures for equipment and storage.  

Some of our other features include flooring, hard and soft walls for structures, climate control, lights, temporary power and distribution, service and garage-style doors, as well as tables and chairs. With our vast offering of products and services, we are guaranteed to be the one provider for all your specific needs.

Military Shelter Tent Specifications:

  • Complete base camps
  • Security checkpoints
  • Sleeping tents
  • Dining tents
  • Military hangers
  • FOBs, TOC and AAR structures
  • Shower facilities

military shelter tentsMilitary and Government Support

Total Tent Solutions is centrally located on the Gulf Coast and is prepared to respond to government declared natural disasters and support mobilizing military facilities.

***   Immediate response for Logistical and Emergency applications ***

Fully Engineered Turnkey Certified Solutions

  • Temporary sleeping facilities (barracks)
  • Temporary mess halls and dining facilities
  • Temporary maintenance and storage solutions
  • Temporary medical shelters

Secure Facilities with military grade flooring, HVAC, Power, Lighting and multi-use flexibility.

Contingency Planning

Total Tent Solutions offers complete and comprehensive contingency planning. Our disaster specialist will help you anticipate your needs for any potential emergency. Having a plan before the immediate need exists is imperative to mobilize getting help to those who are already out of time. Military escalation, troop movement, maintenance and utilization of the Port of Houston all are reasons to have Total Tent Solutions on your team now.

Safety Certifications & Affiliations: TTS, OSHA EMR, ISTC, HASC, TWIC, DISA, CSC, IFAI, CRA, TRA, ARA, SAM, ACIT, TCC, LCIA, IFAI, Alliance Safety Council


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