Total Tent Solutions leads the industry in Safe Work Practices and has the EMR & OSHA TRIR ratings to prove it.

What is an EMR Rating?

EMRs, or Experience Modification Rates, are provided by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. Most companies have an EMR of 1.0, according to the Safety Management Group. The lower the better.
Total Tent Solutions EMR is an industry leading 0.76.


What is an OSHA TRIR Rating?

TRIRs, or Total Recordable Incident Rates, are calculated based on workplace injuries and used by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration to evaluate safety standards in the workplace, according to the U.S. Department of Labor website. The national TRIR is 3.1 incidences.
Total Tent Solutions TRIR is an industry leading Zero (0).


How does Total Tent Solutions work with OSHA on your job site?

By identifying the items on an OSHA safety checklist specific to your workplace, on safety issues that have been encountered in the past, industry standards, company standards and any areas of concern to employees, according to OSHA. They include mandatory inspection of equipment and voluntary, company-held safety inspections. An OSHA checklist includes a review of company work and safety rules, states OSHA. It lists major equipment, such as cranes, presses, and cutting tools, as well as hand and power tools, and includes a log of prior inspections and maintenance.

The checklist includes first-aid supplies, posted emergency phone numbers, evacuation routes, and employee accounting procedures following an evacuation. If there are company vehicles, then vehicle maintenance logs, seat belt inspections, and driver training logs are included. The checklist addresses the placement and condition of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinklers, and fire exits, as well as smoking rules and waste disposal.


What training and certifications do TTS employees have?

TTS employees all receive training at organizations like the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC), Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC), Alliance Safety Council, and Contractors Safety Council (CSC), for Site-Specific Training for many of the area industrial sites.


What are the other affiliations of TTS?

  • IFAI
  • TWIC
  • CRA
  • TRA
  • ARA
  • SAM

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