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Total Tent Solutions can build a climate controlled lunch tent or break facility on your job site that provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Total Tent Solutions has been providing these type of temporary construction lunch tent structures for years. Our construction and industrial lunch tents can accommodate groups from as small as 40 people to as large as 4,000 people.

We provide the whole package, including: construction and industrial lunch tents with tables and chairs, heavy-duty industrial-grade floor, large double doors and single service doors.

We also provide power for lights, portable AC and heat units and most small electrical distributions. These industrial & commercial lunch tent structures come in 10’ and 16’ bays and can be sized according to your specific needs and space available. We have structure solutions that are fully modular, which means they can be added on to or moved at any time if your project requires a change. Total Tent Solutions structures can be partitioned for storage, commissary, office space, meeting areas and break rooms.

Commercial & Industrial Lunch Tent Features:

  • Professional crews with a spotless safety record who work in your plant to provide a temporary structure
  • Shade for 40 people or climate controlled break rooms for 4,000 
  • Tents that can work for any timeline (week, months or even years) and budget
  • Semi-permanent or permanent secure structure with hard insulated walls
  • Multi-use structure for lunch room, storage, fabrication and office space can be partitioned in a structure to meet all your needs

Safety Certifications & Affiliations: TTS, OSHA EMR, ISTC, HASC, TWIC, DISA, CSC, IFAI, CRA, TRA, ARA, SAM, ACIT, TCC, LCIA, IFAI, Alliance Safety Council

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