Tent Curtains & Sidewalls - Vinyl & Glass Sidewalls

Protect attendees of your function from the elements with curtains and sidewalls from Total Tent Solutions.

Sidewalls and curtains hang from the tent eaves and offer the ability to create private spaces within a larger single structure, refuge from inclement weather and insulation for hot or humid environments. Customize your tent sidewall with a variety of durable wall options, which include white vinyl, clear vinyl, white vinyl with windows, glass, non-insulated and insulated.

Transform your tent curtains into a self-contained structure with vinyl tent sidewalls. Manufactured from durable, fire-resistant materials, vinyl sidewalls are safe and economical. Our vinyl sidewalls are available in white, clear and white with windows.

Vinyl & Glass Sidewall Features

Add a professional appearance to your tent sidewall with elegant glass sidewalls from Total Tent Solutions. Glass sidewalls enclose the tent space from floor to ceiling without restricting light. Glass sidewalls also enable guests to view scenery outside the tent structure.

Give your tent structure a more permanent feeling with resilient hardwalls. Available both insulated and non-insulated, hardwalls shelter guests from inclement weather while providing enhanced acoustics and light control.

Tent Safety

At Total Tent Solutions, we understand the importance of meeting the highest safety standards at your destination or industrial job site. Our skilled employees have vast experience designing and erecting short- or long-term shelters for construction, equipment storage, inventory staging, plant shutdowns, assembly fabrication, special events and employee break areas.

We can deliver outstanding tent structure solutions on time, with the utmost professionalism and at a competitive price.




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